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As this program has an interdisciplinary focus, we have a team of several professors from different disciplines that are experts in their field to help guide and mentor the students in the class.

Message from the Deans

The Crocker Innovation Fellows program, with support from Gary and Ann Crocker, and the Deans from the colleges of management, law, life sciences, engineering, and physical & mathematical sciences, represents a unique opportunity to bless the lives of students and faculty at BYU. In offering our support to the program we hope to inspire innovation that changes students' lives and the world for good.

The Deans

"Stay the course. Trust the process. Pain validation and solution validation are key. Find a pain and nail it"

    Former Crocker Fellow

Message from the Faculty

As the faculty, we recognize that the future belongs to interdisciplinary innovators. Our goal is to create a life transforming experience for students that leads them to become life long innovators while at the same time igniting the fire of cross-disciplinary innovation at BYU.

Curtis Anderson

Nile Hatch

Bryan Howell

Christopher Mattson

Chia-Chi Teng

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