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2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Andreason 001_edited.jpg
Aedan Andreason Entrepreneurial Management

From Anchorage, Alaska, Aedan is pursuing a minor in Asian studies in addition to his entrepreneurship degree. He served a Hindi-speaking mission in Fiji, and he loves organizing trips and playing college basketball. Aedan is passionate about business in India and plans to move there with his wife soon after graduation. He also hopes to create outdoor leadership programs aimed at mentoring young men.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Boggess 003.jpg
Jesse Boggess Mechanical Engineering

Jesse was born in Florida and moved to Utah when he was five years old. He enjoys playing basketball, hiking, skiing, and traveling. Jesse is currently a junior studying mechanical engineering. He looks forward to finishing his degree and hopes to work in product development.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Cardon 002.jpg
2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Clawson 002.jpg
Hannah Cardon Entrepreneurial Management, Russian

Hannah grew up moving every few years due to being in a military family. She has been starting new ventures ever since she was in elementary school, including crafting duct tape shoes for classmates, reselling Amazon returns, starting her own bakery, and more. Hannah enjoys being active, creating multimedia art, and growing her current business.

Calvin Clawson Mechanical Engineering

Calvin is a junior studying mechanical engineering from Raleigh, North Carolina. He served a mission in Minnesota and Santiago, Chile. In his spare time, he likes building personal projects and spending time in the mountains.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Cousins 002.jpg
Andrew Cousins Manufacturing Engineering

Andrew grew up in West Valley City, Utah. He enjoys getting his hands dirty, working on creative projects, and improving himself. He is excited to take his knowledge of design and manufacturing processes to bring beautiful, functional, and important products into the world. Aside from design and engineering, Andrew enjoys reading, working out, gaming, and cooking.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Crockett 001.jpg
Daniel Crockett Philosophy

Coming from eclectic academic and vocational backgrounds, Daniel loves the interdisciplinary solution-searching found in the Crocker Innovation Fellowship. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, listening to others play music, and reading books outside. Daniel is from Indiana.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Cropper 002.jpg
Logan Cropper Electrical Engineering

Growing up in the woods of southern Maine, Logan gained a deep love for learning and a curiosity about how the world works. That curiosity inspires his work in BYU's Electro-Holography Lab, where he researches optics and 3-D display technology. Logan loves the engineering and design process, and he constantly seeks out new ways to solve problems. He also performs in BYU's improv comedy scene and plays the drums.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Ellis 002.jpg
Isaac Ellis Cybersecurity 

Isaac grew up in little towns throughout southeast Arizona and moved to a farm town in central Washington during high school. After graduating, Isaac served a mission in Zimbabwe, where he learned the value of innovation in improving lives. Since returning, Isaac has been at BYU studying cybersecurity, which he hopes to use to protect everyday people and their innovations.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Gardner 001.jpg
Sarah Gardner Industrial Design

From Bonney Lake, Washington, Sarah is an aspiring industrial design student with a passion for finding creative solutions for everyday problems. She loves ballroom dancing, photography, and spending time in nature. Eager to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, she envisions starting a business with her husband, blending creativity and collaboration in both design and life.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Geilman 002.jpg
Thomas Geilman Mechanical Engineering

Born and raised in Utah, Thomas grew up working with his hands and building things. His love for hands-on experiences transitioned to an interest in mechanical engineering. He loves applying everything he has learned so that he can help other people. Outside of school, Thomas loves learning new things and developing new skills, which has led to hobbies such as welding and birdwatching.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hales 004.jpg
Jaxon Hales Industrial Design

Jaxon takes a meaning-based approach to design. He enjoys ruminating on how the built world meets our minds and bodies. Within his sphere of influence, he discovers and creates a delightful and practical future.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hall 003.jpg
Ethan Hall Mechanical Engineering

From Marquette, Michigan, Ethan works as a lab assistant at the BYU Prototyping Lab. He hopes to apply his engineering skills to improve people's lives through product development and design. Ethan enjoys playing pickleball with his wife and all forms of skiing (downhill, cross- country, telemark, backcountry).

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hill 001.jpg
Jackson Hill Entrepreneurship

From Bountiful, Utah, Jackson loves working with his hands and pushing himself to learn new skills. He is passionate about product development, engineering design, and collaborating with experts of other disciplines. He also enjoys listening to music, singing, pumping iron, and restoring classic cars.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hoskins 003.jpg
Branden Hoskins Computer Engineering

Originally from Berthoud, Colorado, Branden loves a challenge. He has always enjoyed solving problems and now applies that passion to circuitry and embedded systems. The Crocker Innovation Fellowship gives Branden the opportunity to solve new problems in an innovative way. In his spare time, Branden loves learning new board games and playing pickleball with his wife.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hunter 003.jpg
Crew Hunter Entrepreneurial Management

Crew was raised in Lehi, Utah. He loved basketball growing up, but pickleball has grown on him since he started managing a pickleball company in 2023. In his free time, he's a voracious reader and loves leaming about a variety of subjects, especially business and personal improvement. He believes in the power of improving people's lives through innovative approaches to solving problems.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Hunter, Noelle 004.jpg
Noelle Hunter Computer Science

Originally from the DC area of Virginia, Noelle served a Spanish-speaking mission in the central valley of California and then began studying at BYU She has spent two summers doing software engineering internships with Mosaic ATM and Data Science. She will be doing another internship in Rome this coming spring. She performs on BYU's comedic improv team and enjoys reading and playing the piano.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Lenning 002.jpg
Tyler Lenning Entrepreneurial Management/ Environmental Sci./Sustainability

Solving complex problems is Tyler's passion. He believes that innovation through startups can help alleviate health and environmental problems and he looks to entrepreneurship to realize his passions and impact future generations. Tyler hopes to one day help create climate-saving technologies, such as long-term carbon banks, climate credits, and renewable energies.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Melgoza 002.jpg
Andrea Melgoza Computer Science

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Andrea is currently studying computer science, but her curiosity extends beyond technology. She finds joy in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, immersing herself in their cultures and stories. Andrea is fueled by a desire to leverage her skills to create innovative solutions that benefit others. In her future career she hopes to collaborate with nonprofits.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Ong 002.jpg
Ephraim Ong Electrical Engineering

Ephraim's passion for engineering began at the age of eight when he discovered LEGO robotics. He is an inventor on two provisional patents he helped write during the four years he lived in Taiwan. You will often find him working on prosthetics projects, fabricating microscopic silicon devices to detect viruses, or playing broomball. He plans to attend law school and start a company that creates innovative medical technology.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Pollan 002.jpg
Carter Pollan Electrical Engeneering

Carter Pollan, a junior from Kalispell, Montana, serves as the president of the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers club and works as a research assistant for BYU's Network Enhanced Technologies Lab. He is passionate about his projects, which range from building an aluminum foundry to designing custom keyboards. His hobbies include rock climbing, reading, and vintage swing dance.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Remer 002.jpg
Molly Remer Computer Science

From Castle Rock, Colorado, Molly works as a research assistant at the Record Linking Lab at BYU, where she helps to develop software tools for work related to family history. She hopes to continue to learn about the best practices for both entrepreneurial and software design. Molly enjoys swimming, hiking, and reading.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Rhees 003.jpg
Jeremy Rhees Industrial Design

From South Jordan, Utah, Jeremy embraced creativity at a young age, filling notebooks with car sketches, detailed cityscapes, and more. His passion for creating led him to the industrial design program at BYU, where he enjoys applying the design process to help the world become a more delightful place. When Jeremy isn't designing, he loves playing percussion, practicing gymnastics, and baking sweets for loved ones.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Sannar 003.jpg
Benjamin Sannar Mechanical Engineering

Benjamin grew up in the California valley, seeing and taking part in many aspects of agriculture. He is fascinated by the design process, innovation, and the ideas that are sprouting in the field of automated and precision farming. He spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, drawing, or working on projects.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Smith 003.jpg
Evan Smith Computer Science

From Dallas, Texas, Evan has been fascinated by how computers work ever since middle school. He currently works as a research assistant for the BYU Family History Technology Lab. You can often find him building websites, apps, and other coding projects for fun. When he's not coding, he loves cooking, playing chess, and writing and performing stand-up comedy.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Stewart 003.jpg
Taren Stewart Entrepreneurial Management

Taren is an entrepreneurship student from Springville, Utah. He currently runs a beekeeping supply company called Honey Haven Supply. He is passionate about business and building companies.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Strange 002.jpg
Dillon Strange Mechanical Engineering

Dillon grew up living in many places—including Korea—due to his dad being in the army. He loves God, his wife, his family, BYU, and jokes about his last name. One of Dillon's favorite childhood memories is when he learned how to tie his mom's shoes at the age of five. During his dad's deployment, his mom was pregnant and had broken her arm.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Strong 004.jpg
Ethan Strong Economics

Ethan, a South Carolina native, blends a passion for social impact with studies in economics, nonprofit management, and entrepreneurship. Ethan enjoys outdoor activities, loves learning, and draws inspiration from a community of diverse thinkers. Ethan hopes to apply his skills to create meaningful change in the world-much like those who have influenced him.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Sullivan 002.jpg
Lucas Sullivan Entrepreneurial Management

Lucas's love for innovation was inspired by his mission in Mexico, where he learned to appreciate creative problem-solving and the value of taking a unique approach. Passionate about creating valuable solutions, he finds immense enjoyment in validating new business ideas. In his spare time. Lucas enjoys longboarding down the canyon, rock climbing, running, or playing volleyball.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Swenson 003.jpg
Clara Swenson Industrial Design

As a kid, Clara left behind trails of arts and crafts supplies wherever she went. She still does that today as she studies industrial design. She aspires to become an exhibit or theme park designer, combining her love for people, parties, and cool tech. When she's not busy sketching, CAD modeling, or building things, she can be found playing the cello or spending time outside

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Takaku 002.jpg
Aiki Takaku Information Systems

Aiki is from Japan and wants to become an entrepreneur to help other people. He enjoys refining his programming skills, playing sports, listening to music, and eating Japanese food. His plan after graduation is to pursue a career in which he can support his family and help other university studerits to achieve their academic goals

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Thomas 003.jpg
Preston Thomas Computer Engineering

Preston is an avid learner with a zeal for innovation. His interests span playing guitar, skateboarding, engaging in creative ideation, discussing philosophical questions, and playing pickleball. He also enjoys writing elegant ChatGPT queries.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Thornton 002.jpg
Josh Thornton Computer Engineering

Josh is a proud Coloradan from Fort Collins. His interests range from building circuits to playing and watching sports. Josh has played on several intramural teams and was a swimmer in high school, but his favorite sport is skiing. Josh has three siblings, and two of them are here with him at BYU. He loves spending his free time with friends and family.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Vance 003.jpg
Sam Vance Machine Learning

Sam grew up in Idaho Falls where he became an expert rock climber and skier, conquering the likes of Corbet's Couloir and the Grand Teton. Having always had a creative spirit, he has engineered everything from a flute that plays itself to an AI-driven, light-painting robot. Currently, he is working on a prosthetic leg powered with AI, and he hopes to one day create a bionic eyeball.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Weber 003.jpg
Tyler Weber Manufacturing Engineering

Tyler has a drive for pushing his limits in the product development space and in life in general. His love for innovation and problem-solving provide drive and intensity to his life. Tyler's passions include ultra running, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing. He plans to start an outdoor company to provide tools to tackle impossible challenges in rugged landscapes.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Wolsleger 002.jpg
Devon Wolsleger Information Systems

Devon was born and raised in Riverside, California. He has traveled to various parts of the world and seen how innovation and technology changes and blesses peoples lives. He wants to be involved in improving the world and helping those who struggle. He is passionate about learning new skills and sharing what he has learned.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Ye 003.jpg
Ziqing Ye Industrial Design

Growing up in Guangzhou, China, Zizi was always inspired by the city's manufacturing and industrial environment. Currently, she is studying industrial design with a minor in business. Zizi is passionate about sustainability in product design and is particularly interested in enhancing the healthcare experience through innovative design solutions.

2402-08 Crocker Fellow Portraits - Youngberg 007.jpg
Brandon Youngberg Industrial Design

Brandon Youngberg was raised in St. George, Utah, where he developed a passion for nature and good design. After being a BYU interior design assistant for a year, he completed an internship at Trove Brands. He enjoys sketching, taking things apart, and going on long drives. His dream is to become an automotive designer, but he will be happy anywhere he can use his design skills to benefit others.

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