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2201-51 Badstubner, Saw 0003.jpg
Sam Badstubner Computer Engineering

From Atlanta, Georgia, Sam Badstubner is majoring in computer engineering and minoring in mathematics and computer science. He is a research assistant and is currently developing a spectrometer and air particle analysis system utilizing raspberry pi. He enjoys developing with embedded systems and is looking forward to learning how to make prototypes production ready products.

2201-51 Bagoyo, Alyssa 0003.jpg
Alyssa Bagoyo Chemical Engineering

Alyssa Bagoyo is from Beaverton, Oregon majoring in chemical engineering with minors in Japanese and business. She is invested in embracing her Japanese and Filipino heritage and loves bringing people together through food, music, fitness, and travel. Her plans after graduation include cherishing time with family and pursuing a career that combines her passions for engineering and business.

2201-51 Boggess, Steven 0003.jpg
2201-51 Calabuz, David 0003.jpg
Steven Boggess Mechanical Engineering

Steven Boggess grew up in Florida and Utah. He is studying Mechanical Engineering and enjoys learning how everything works. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ in Tijuana, Mexico. He is interested in entrepreneurship and has a list of over 100 different business ideas. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and skiing.

David Calabuig Mechanical Engineering

From Austin Texas, David enjoys learning about physics and recently business. This led him to pursue multiple internships in engineering where he realized that he ultimately wants to be more involved in the business aspect of engineering and product design which has led him to be a part of the Crocker Fellowship. David’s hobbies include gastronomy (as a cheese loving Frenchman), skiing, and anything else outdoors or with other people.

2201-51 Cook, Adam 0003.jpg
Adam Cook Computer Engineering

Adam Cook is a Computer Engineering major from Alpine, Utah. He enjoys all things technology-related, free diving, skiing, and golfing. He has dreamed of starting an engineering business since he was eight. He wants to create a meaningful difference in the world through technology that pushes the boundaries of what is currently possible. If that’s not possible he wants to master a backflip on skis.

2201-51 Draper, Meghan 019.jpg
Meghan Draper Industrial Design

Born and raised in Aurora, Utah, Meghan Draper is studying Industrial Design with a Business minor. Starting with sewing her own Barbie clothes and drawing buildings as a child, she’s always had a passion for design and innovation. Meghan embraces imperfection as a way to create strength and promote progression.

2201-51 Earl, Jaden 001.jpg
Jaden Earl Statistics

From Laie, Hawaii, Jaden Earl is studying Statistics and minoring in Entrepreneurship and CS. Involved in projects from helping small Cambodian business owners to forecasting steel production for Tesla, Jaden believes that progress best occurs at an intersection between business acumen, statistical rigor, and innovative technology. When Jaden isn’t conceptualizing Venn diagrams to explain how progress works, he enjoys watching sunsets over Utah lake.

2201-51 Egbert, Spencer 0008.jpg
Spencer Egbert Entrepreneurship

Spencer is from Idaho Falls Idaho and is studying in the entrepreneurial management program with a minor in Spanish. Spencer enjoys all things sports, fishing, and considers himself a movie fanatic. After graduation, he plans to gain experience in the corporate world, and start several businesses of his own including one that will help streamline the in vitro fertilization process.

2201-51 Fairbanks, Gavin 0008.jpg
Gavin Fairbanks Technology Engineering

Straight out of Cedar Hills, Utah, Gavin Fairbanks is in the Technology Engineering Studies major with emphasis in prototyping and physical user experience design. He has spent time working with Cisco to help Veterans transition into Tech Careers, and is always down to talk about people, technology, and design.

2201-51 Fairchild, Jake 0005.jpg
Jake Fairchild Entrepreneurship

Jake Fairchild is from Carlsbad, California, and is an Entrepreneurial Management Major. Having lived on both the east and west coasts, Jake loves to travel, meet new people, and work on exciting new projects. These experiences have fueled Jake's desire to innovate and become part of something bigger than himself. Jake is a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, is passionate about technology, and enjoys staying up to date on current events. When Jake is not working on a new innovation or business, you can often find him spending time with family, snowboarding, or throwing down on the Pickleball court.

2201-51 Fransworth, Joseph 0004.jpg
Joseph Farnworth Entrepreneurship

Born and raised in West Valley Utah. Joseph is in the entrepreneurial management major and has a passion for growth and learning. Since he was young, he has loved the idea of being his own boss. He has pursued sales having done 3 years in the door-to-door industry and wants to be successful so he can give back. His hobbies include tennis, pickleball, playing the drums, and meeting new people.

2201-51 Hansen, Max 0003.jpg
Max Hansen Mechanical Engineering

Max Hansen is from Draper, Utah and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has always had a passion for adventure and loves outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing. He is excited about innovation and inspired by progression.

2201-51 Hiller, Issac 0004.jpg
Isaac Hiller Industrial Design

Isaac Hiller is from Centerville, Utah and is studying Industrial Design with a minor in Design Thinking. After serving a mission in Belém Brazil he designed a dice game for Ok2Win called Mixed Doubles. Portrayed by a group of his peers as curious, Isaac believes curiosity leads to innovation and is the key in helping enhance people’s lives. His curiosity led him to DNA test an apple tree which came back as a unique species of apple. Isaac is determined to continue in a life of curiosity, innovation, and fun.

2201-51 Hyer, Chad 0004.jpg
Chad Hyer Molecular Biology

From Valdosta, Georgia, Chad Hyer is majoring in Molecular Biology. He aims to pursue a joint MS/MBA in bioengineering and entrepreneurship and plans to work in the biomaterials industry. Chad is passionate about social impact entrepreneurship and runs a glass recycling startup, Glass Roots Recycling, in his free time.

2201-51 Jackson, Asa 0003.jpg
Asa Jackson Industrial Design

Asa is an Industrial Design student that is fascinated by the relationships between individuals and their environments. He is passionate about creating products that will remain meaningful and beneficial to others as time progresses and loves learning about individuals and their needs. In addition to design, Asa enjoys writing, reading, and music. After graduating, Asa hopes to pursue a master's degree in design.

2201-51 Kelley, Joshua 0003.jpg
Joshua Kelley Mechanical Engineering

A lover of learning from Blackfoot, Idaho, Joshua Kelley is an honors student studying mechanical engineering with a computer science minor and certificates in social impact and engineering leadership. Joshua enjoys taking an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems and hopes to use his skills to instigate positive social change in the years to come. After graduating from BYU, he plans on pursuing a doctorate degree in engineering and becoming a professor.

2201-51 Kheuyat, Aaron 0003.jpg
Adnan Khayyat Computer Science

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Palestine, Adnan Khayyat is a Computer Science major with a Data Science emphasis. Adnan devoted his time at BYU for computational research, such as working in the HCMI and DRAGN Lab. He also finished an internship at Udemy. Adnan aspires to be a product manager in the future.

2201-51 Kilbourn, Grace 0006.jpg
Grace Kilbourn Industrial Design

Grace Kilbourn is studying Industrial Design. She was born and raised in Utah. Having worked at a couple of startups, she loves to be a part of innovation. She loves researching human behavior, cultures and movements. Grace currently works as an interior design assistant. She loves traveling with her husband, watching movies and dogs.

2201-51 McConkie, Anna 0003.jpg
Anna McConkie Experience Design 

Anna McConkie is majoring in experience design and management with minors in Mandarin Chinese and non-profit management. Originally from Washington, D.C., Anna aspires to combine business strategies and design principles to alleviate social issues worldwide. Issues she is particularly passionate about include wildlife trafficking and gender inequality.

2201-51 Meanea, Avery 0003.jpg
Avery Meanea Industrial Design

Avery Meanea is an Industrial Design student minoring in Art History. She derives her inspiration for her designs from art history, simple patterns, and human experience to try and make products that are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. She hopes to always create designs that can improve people’s everyday lives.

2201-51 Payne, Addie 0006.jpg
Addie Payne Morgan Industrial Design

Addie Payne Morgan is from Alpine, Utah. She fell in love with design while attending high school in Brisbane, Australia, in a product design class. Addie is passionate about sustainable materials, UX design, and the automotive industry. After spending two semesters interning at Cabana, a van-life startup, she has accepted an internship at General Motors for the summer of 2022. Addie adores hiking and kayaking with her husband and two dogs.

2201-51 Murri, Issac 0006.jpg
Isaac Murri Electrical Engineering

Isaac Murri flourishes with a challenge: thrived in family of 10 children; matured on a remote island for a year without electricity and running water; seized a recent opportunity to helicopter ski in Canada. He grasped an opportunity to work in production of precious metals mint coins, and absorbed a recent biomedical device engineering work opportunity. Isaac enjoys time playing cello, piano, and singing, and crams into his schedule as many intramural sports chances as possible. Looking toward a future that includes innovation and development, a likely emphasis in patent law and business management, and a focus on family.

2201-51 Olson, Sydney 0004.jpg
Sydney Olson Entrepreneurship

From Snowflake, Arizona, Sydney Olson is studying Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing. She is a licensed Realtor in Utah and a Social Media Manager. Upon graduation, she hopes to buy and build many businesses. Her interests include traveling, financial independence, playing pickleball, and spending time with her family.

2201-51 Rotchie, Ethan 0003.jpg
Ethan Ritchie Information Systems

Ethan Ritchie is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is an Information systems major in the Marriott School of Business. He served an LDS mission in Paris, France where he learned French. Ethan has worked as a French teacher and has interned for the Computing Research Center at Notre Dame University where he worked to develop ways that analytics could be run on Non-Fungible Tokens for the Ethereum Blockchain. The rapid growth of Blockchain technology, and technology in general, have inspired in Ethan a desire to innovate and develop with an Entrepreneur minded approach to the technical world. His hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing, cooking, and playing the guitar.

2201-51 Tanner, Brinler 0003.jpg
Brinler Tanner Mechanical Engineering

From Orangeville, UT, Brinler Tanner is Majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His specific interests are robotics and computer-aided design. He keeps himself busy as President of the BYU Mechatronics Club, running an online 3D printing shop on, and helping students as a TA for a CAD class.

2201-51 Taylor, Jacob 0003.jpg
Jacob Taylor Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Taylor is from Alpine Utah, and is studying mechanical engineering. He is currently part of tribology research for human joint replacements. Jacob has ran his own landscaping service for the last two years. He is interested in the engineering and business aspects of the innovation process. Jacob enjoys the outdoors and playing sports.

2201-51 Thaden, Rebecca 0003.jpg
Rebecca Thaden Industrial Design

Born and raised in Provo, Utah, Rebecca Thaden is majoring in industrial design. Ever since Rebecca was little, she loved to create and incorporate art and design into her creations. She enjoys nature, especially the mountains she grew up with, and the beaches she has visited. These experiences help influence her designs as well as observing and researching life around her.

2201-51 Wagstaff, Ally 0003.jpg
Ally Wagstaff Industrial Design

From Fruit Heights, Utah, Ally Wagstaff grew up watching her dad, an architect, design buildings. Ally loves design and is especially passionate about creating meaningful, sustainable products. Ally is hoping to combine her industrial design major and entrepreneurship minor to one day run a business of her own.

2201-51 Weston, Camille 0006.jpg
Camille Weston Entrepreneurship

Camille Weston is from Zionsville, Indiana and is an Entrepreneurial Management student. She currently runs a wedding photography business, a digital marketing agency, and is in the works of launching a woman's clothing line. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, cooking new recipes, hiking, and traveling.

2201-51 Wolfe, Keegan 048.jpg
Keegan Wolfe Entrepreneurship

Keegan is a lifeguard and fly fisherman from Idaho who is studying Entrepreneurial Management and Global Business. As a United States Senate Youth Representative and as a missionary, Keegan developed a passion for community and an understanding of the power of innovation to help others. Keegan plans to utilize his education and modern technology to strengthen businesses and neighborhoods worldwide.

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