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Clark, Autumn 2101-28 002.JPG
Autumn Clark Information Systems

Autumn Clark is passionate about solving social problems with technology.  She lives outside her comfort zone by pursuing diverse opportunities— solutions architecture at Adobe, impact investing at the Sorenson  Impact Foundation, and research at BYU. For her master’s degree  capstone, she started a business promoting healthcare-pricing transparency. Clark grew up in Alberta and served a mission in Hong Kong.

Cullen, Ben 2101-28 003.JPG
Ben Cullen Computer Science

Ben Cullen is from the Washington, DC, area and is studying computer science with an emphasis in data science. His interests span both  business and technology, and he hopes to use his love of machine  learning to solve both social and business-related issues through  software. In his free time he enjoys running, hiking, and mountain biking.

Davis, Micheal 2101-28 006.JPG
Drake, Shawn 2101-28 002.JPG
Michael Davis Genetics

Born in Japan and raised all around the world, Michael Davis grew up with a genetic disease, seeing the impact of medical engineering  firsthand. Now studying genetics, genomics, and biotechnology, he is preparing to apply to combined PhD/MD programs to further the  scientific conversation regarding regenerative medicine. 

Shawn Drake Industrial Design

Shawn Drake is studying industrial design. He was born in Tokyo,  Japan; raised in Portland, Oregon; and served a mission in the Netherlands. Drake seeks to bring an unconventional and international  approach to the design process. He enjoys exploring new materials  and manufacturing processes, eating artisan ice cream, and traveling  to get inspired and expand his horizons.

Du Plessis, Lili 2101-28 003.JPG
Lili du Plessis Industrial Design

Lili du Plessis is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is currently majoring in industrial design. She enjoys fashion and art in many forms and brings these interests into her design thinking. She looks for any excuse to create things with her hands and learn new skills. She aspires to incorporate empathy into everything she works on to create a more ethical and human-conscious world.

Duffy, Cameron 2101-28 003.JPG
Cameron Duffy Applied Statistics

Cameron Duffy is from Deale, Maryland, and is majoring in applied statistics with a management minor. He served an LDS mission in France and Switzerland and loves all things French. Duffy enjoys learning about new technologies and growth strategies. He hopes to earn his CFA after graduation while working at Goldman Sachs in its Global Markets Division.

Erickson, Tim 2101-28 004.JPG
Tim Erickson Global Supply Chain Management

From Yolo County, California, Tim Erickson is preparing to enter the global supply chain management program. He’s excited to try his hand at innovation in a structured setting with the Crocker Fellows. Besides business and innovation, Erickson loves the outdoors and outdoor recreation.

Figueroa, Danni 2101-28 003.JPG
Danni Figueroa Mechanical Engineering

From Coquimbo, Chile, Danni Figueroa is majoring in mechanical engineering. Curious, creative, and versatile, she strives to make the best out of every opportunity and is always learning and growing. She loves to connect people to new opportunities and hopes to continue to do so through innovation and engineering.

Fisher, Marin 2101-28 003.JPG
Marin Fisher Mechanical Engineering

Marin Fisher is a mechanical engineering undergraduate from Aurora, Illinois. She works as a research assistant, focusing on design for the developing world. She has also interned with an impact investing firm and is passionate about the social and economic impacts of design. She speaks Spanish and enjoys biking, sewing, and baking. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD and become a professor.

Garret, Brad 2101-28 004.JPG
Bradley Garrett Mechanical Engineering

Southern without the drawl, Bradley Garrett is from Greenville, South Carolina, and is majoring in mechanical engineering. He has interned for an EV technology startup for the past four years and worked in supply chain, vehicle engineering, engineering operations, and program management. His experience in EV tech has fueled his desire to disrupt the automotive industry in an impactful way.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.11.36 PM.png
Luke Gibbs Entrepreneurship

Luke Gibbs is from Farmington, Utah, and is studying entrepreneurial management with personal emphasis in development economics and social impact. He started a powersports rental company at the age of eighteen and grew the business over several years to a successful exit. He loves to snowmobile, boat, travel, and have deep conversations about topics ranging from politics to farming.

Harker, Austin 2101-28 075.JPG
Austin Harker Industrial Design

Austin Harker is from Rexburg, Idaho. He loves his design education and the freedom of bringing his creative choices into sync with the sensibilities of others. Aside from design, he loves to discuss in depth the forbidden topics: philosophy, religion, and politics. Always the devil’s advocate, he seeks to find common ground as he immerses himself in conversations with others.

Hernandez, Aileen 2101-28 003.JPG
Aileen Hernandez Entrepreneurship

Aileen Hernandez is majoring in entrepreneurial management sociology minor. Hernandez channels her ambitious creativity through various outlets, from her Etsy jewelry shop to creating and designing marketing content for social media platforms. A first-generation college student and the daughter of immigrant parents, she aspires to positively impact under- privileged communities through the power of social entrepreneurship.

Kretschmer, Kylie 2101-28 003.JPG
Kylie Kretschmer Entrepreneurship

Originally from Temecula, California, Kylie Kretschmer is an entrepreneurial management major with experience in data analytics and marketing. Her passions range from social improvement to shopping. She runs an e-commerce brand in her spare time. She hopes to share the principles of entrepreneurial innovation and financial independence to strengthen the world’s developing economies.

Maddali, Sai 2101-28 003.jpg
Sai Maddali Entrepreneurship

Sai Maddali grew up in Georgia and now studies entrepreneurial management, with minors in computer science and design thinking. Maddali loves to read in-depth biographies, go on unnecessarily long walks, and watch lots of college football. After graduation, Maddali hopes to continue this innovation process at a fast-paced technology company for a few years before founding his own startup company.

Nielsen, Rebecca 2101-28 004.JPG
Rebecca Nielsen Industrial Design

Rebecca Nielsen is a junior from Kent, Washington, with a double major in industrial design and Spanish. Nielsen comes from a family of makers and loves the hands-on nature of design work. She is passionate about color, texture, and creating meaningful connections with consumers through design. In her free time, she loves to cook, paint, sew, and take care of her twenty-five houseplants.

Openshaw, Randy 2101-28 004.JPG
Randy Openshaw Electrical Engineering

Born in Iowa and raised in Massachusetts, Randy Openshaw is majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship. He enjoys learning about new technology and developing skills in both engineering and business. Openshaw actively seeks out ways to improve the world around him. He lived in Spain, and loves to travel and learn about cultures and talk with others.

Parco, Ryan 2101-28 005.JPG
Ryan Parco Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Parco grew up in Farmington, Minnesota, and majors in mechanical engineering. When he is outside the engineering department, he studies computer science. Ryan has interned for small business and led in the creating and manufacturing of products, from food industries to cars. He looks to engulf himself in creative situations that will better his knowledge for life.

Benjamin, Parker 2101-28 005.JPG
Benjamin Parker Electrical Engineering

From Merrimack, New Hampshire, Benjamin Parker is studying electrical engineering with a business minor. Having a passion for innovation, he has engineered and prototyped multiple mechanical and electrical devices. His interests range from embedded systems programming and controls to finance. After graduation, Parker plans to pursue an MBA and continue using his learning to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities.

Park, Andre 2101-28 004.JPG
Andre Parkinson Industrial Design

From Utah County, Andre Parkinson is a junior studying industrial design emphasizing entrepreneurship and innovation. Parkinson is passionate about finding eloquent design solutions through sketching, model making, and user testing. He enjoys outdoor activities such as downhill mountain biking, paddleboarding, and hiking, as well as spending time with his wife, Heather; two-year-old daughter, Penny; and newborn son, Lincoln.

Reid, Austin 2101-28 003.JPG
Austin Reid Computer Engineering

From Canton, Connecticut, Austin Reid is working toward getting a computer engineering degree accompanied by a minor in astronomy. Reid is an avid rock climber, runner, and outdoorsman who spends nearly all of his free time out in nature. With a strong passion for space and rocketry, Reid hopes to pursue a career in the aerospace industry helping to develop more efficient methods of rocket propulsion and exploration.

Scott, Jeremiah 2101-28 013.JPG
Jeremiah Scott Mechanical Engineering

Jeremiah Scott is from Escondido, California, and has chosen to pursue a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in business. Scott puts his skills to practice as a freelance design engineer by preparing 3D models of innovative products for his clients. He thoroughly enjoys teaching CAD software to engineering students and playing musical instruments in his spare time.

Skidmore, Jonathan 2101-28 087.JPG
Jonathan Skidmore Molecular Biology

A Utah Valley native, Jonathan Skidmore grew up with a fascination about creating animal mutants through genetic engineering. He now studies molecular biology with a chemistry minor and works for a small biotech company on developing a new breast cancer immunotherapy. He enjoys tutoring organic chemistry students, longboard dancing, hik- ing alone, and having meaningful conversations with his friends.

Towns, Austin 2101-28 003.JPG
Austin Towns Entrepreneurship

Austin Towns is from Ogden, Utah, and is majoring in entrepreneurial management. Since he was little, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has started various startups ranging from selling funeral caskets online to running a digital marketing agency. He has always kept in mind his original goal of creating a brand known for creating quality- impactful solutions to deep problems.

Vance, Rachel 2101-28 004.JPG
Rachel Vance Information Systems

Rachel Vance wants to help change the world. Hailing from Idaho, Vance is currently studying information systems. In her spare time, she serves as president of the Women in Tech club, hones her violin skills, and enjoys rock climbing. Vance hopes to one day combine her coding expertise and business prowess to create a hybrid nonprofit organization.

Vanderlow, TJ 2101-28 004.JPG
TJ VanderLouw Computer Science

Talden “TJ” VanderLouw is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a computer science major with an emphasis in data science. He plans to use his degree to transform data into meaningful insights so compa- nies can have a better understanding of the effectiveness of marketing strategies. He has a passion for learning and enjoys listening to music, running cross country, and petting cute dogs when he gets the chance.

Volmar, Kurt 2101-28 004.JPG
Kurt Volmar Computer Science

Kurt Volmar, from Kaysville, Utah, is studying computer science with a data science emphasis. In his career, he aims to utilize his interest in computer vision to innovate in the healthcare industry. Volmar is excited to be a product analytics intern at Pluralsight this upcoming summer. Outside of programming, he enjoys reading, hiking, and woodworking.

Wilkinson, Brenna 2101-28 003.JPG
Brenna Wilkinson Entrepreneurship

Brenna Wilkinson, an entrepreneurship major born in the Northern Utah mountains, used to think she knew freezing temperatures. However, all that changed while living in Siberia where her hair turned white—requir- ing a drastic haircut. Not only does Wilkinson know how to wear winter gloves, but she also has a clear vision for her future: one day she wants to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in third-world countries.

Williams, Andrew 2101-28 003.JPG
Kwabena Yirena-tawiah, Daniel 2101-28 007.JPG
Andrew Williams Applied Computational Math

Andrew Williams grew up in Colorado and loves the mountains and all the adventures that they bring. Since he was young, Williams has enjoyed tinkering with things and learning how they work, which sometimes got him into trouble. Now he is interested in tinkering in a way that can improve the lives of those less fortunate than himself.

Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah Electrical Engineering

Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah is from Accra, Ghana. He is pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and has a passion for the advancement of technology in Africa. As an individual filled with curiosity, Yirenya- Tawiah has obtained research experiences in optics and analog circuit design. He hopes to pursue a career in analog circuit design.

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