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Quinn Black Information Technology

Quinn grew up in a few different states including Ohio, and lived in Utah most his life. Quinn is majoring in information technology (cyber security emphasis) with a minor in business management. Quinn loves learning new technologies, and after graduation he hopes to work in cyber security automating tools with machine learning. He plays Hamilton the musical on the piano, and enjoys playing tennis and pickleball.

Ian Boggess Chemical Engineering

From Alpine, Utah, Ian Boggess is approaching his senior year of chemical engineering with plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Business Administration. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Ian enjoys helping his siblings run the family shaved ice business, working on a new yard game, and play on any intramural team.

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Mason Burk.jpg
Jacob Buhler Chemical Engineering

A junior in the chemical engineering program, Jacob Buhler is from Springville, Utah. He served his mission in the Republic of Kiribati and spoke Kiribati. His wife, Brynlee, plays on the BYU Women’s Soccer Team and they both love to play soccer. He has worked with petrochemicals at ExxonMobil and in venture capital at Contrary and Kickstart Seed Fund.

Mason Burk Entrepreneurship

Hailing from Meridian Idaho, Mason Burk loves all mountain sports. He is an avid skier, climber, kayaker, and is a P2 U.S.H.P.A. certified paraglider pilot. He plays the guitar in the BYU folk ensemble, Mountain Strings, and will be touring Europe this summer. Majoring in Entrepreneurial Management, he plans to gain experience with startups after graduation and start several businesses of his own.

Benjamin Cardon Entrepreneurship

Benji Cardon is an entrepreneurship student. He grew up in Provo Utah, and loves to spend his time reading, listening to music, and looking at interesting art. The gym is his haven from the troubles of our chaotic world. He hopes to start a med-tech company and help people live healthy lives.

Sarah Cheung.jpg
Sarah Cheng Computer Engineering

Sarah Cheng is a Taiwanese American majoring in Computer Engineering and German Studies, who has called many places her home, most recently Louisville, Kentucky. Cheng loves to read, travel, and learn different languages. Her current plan after graduation is to work in the tech industry for a couple of years and eventually attend law school to become a patent attorney.

Keaton Carlson Electrical Engineering

Keaton Carlson is from Orem, Utah and is majoring in electrical engineering. He enjoys playing sports, hanging out with family, and tinkering with technology. After graduation, Keaton plans on working for a couple of years as a product designer and then wants to pursue an MBA. Eventually, he hopes to end up as a chief innovation officer for a tech company.

Ben Chipman.jpg
Ben Chipman Chemistry

Ben Chipman is from Eagan, Minnesota and majoring in Chemistry. During his time at BYU, he has found a love for science and its methods of explaining our world. In his free time, Ben loves to ski, climb, and spend time with his wife. He plans to work towards an MBA a few years after his graduation.

Kameron Cooper Industrial Design

Kam Cooper is from the great state of Pennsylvania. He is a junior in the industrial design program. Kam seeks to create artifacts that bring fulfillment, beauty, appreciation, and understanding into people's lives. After graduation he plans to pursue a masters in industrial design. In his free time he enjoys running, cycling, and climbing. 

Jace Davis Mechanical Engineering

Jace Davis is from Kaysville, Utah and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Global Business & Literacy. He served an LDS mission in Bolivia where he learned Spanish. Jace has worked as an intern with two small businesses where he built a portable waterfall feature and a renewable energy turbine. These experiences have instilled an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. His hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, reading, and playing the piano.

Spencer Curtis.jpg
Spencer Curtis Mechanical Engineering

A native of Alpine, Utah, Spencer Curtis is majoring in mechanical engineering with a bioengineering emphasis. He has created products in various industries and plans on pursuing graduate degrees in biomedical engineering and business so that he can contribute to the future of medical technology. Some of his interests include basketball, soccer, music, traveling, and being with family and friends.

Caleb Greaves Economics

Several major changes in, Arizona native Caleb Greaves now studies economics. Unusually competitive, he’s been known to do math to maintain board game winning streaks and wear headbands unnecessarily. Caleb loves broad learning. Kayaking and skiing are two things he wishes he had enough money to actually do. Interest in social impact led him to his own startup, SteadyMed. Traveling to Amman to learn Arabic is his favorite adventure to date.

Ethan Harris.jpg
Ethan Harris Electrical Engineering

Shinjin Ethan Harris was born in Salt Lake City, UT. He grew up with a love of sports and the beautiful outdoors, spending his time hiking and playing football in the summers and wrestling and skiing in the winter. He majors in Computer Engineering with minors in Math, CS, and Business. After graduation he hopes to create a loving family.

Scott Jensen.jpg
Scott Jensen Mechanical Engineering

From Grass Valley, California, Scott Jensen is majoring in mechanical engineering. Since he was little, he has been trying to hit a home run through various business attempts ranging from selling pumpkins door-to-door to starting and growing event planning and app development businesses. Now he is looking to actually make a meaningful difference in the world and to have a good time along the way.

Trevor Lane.jpg
Trevor Lane Computer Science

A Computer Science major from Springville, California, Trevor is currently studying full-time, working part-time as a software engineer, serving as president of BYU Developers Club, and raising twins with his wife, Shelby. His interests include entrepreneurship, technology, design, writing, philosophy, and family life. Future plans include finishing his degree, supporting his family, and continuing to work as a software engineer. 

Parker Owen Electrical Engineering

Parker Owen is from Okemos, Michigan and is majoring in computer engineering. After graduation, he is considering pursuing a masters degree. Thanks to his natural curiosity, he enjoys improving, fixing, and inventing new things even outside the scope of computer engineering. This first led him to study mechanical engineering, but then after learning exciting new skills such as computer programming, circuit and PCB design, and embedded programming and design he chose to pursue computer engineering.

Jerry Perry Entrepreneurship

Jerry, born and raised in Texas, has always wanted to start a business. From the age of ten, he has tried to start businesses of different kinds. With his desire, he’s studying entrepreneurial management and is currently working on several businesses. He is always looking to gain new skills such as soldering, web development and is always creating innovative ideas to solve his problems.

Helena He Genetics

Kunlin "Helena" He grew up in GuangZhou, China. She is a Genetics and Biotech major and has a deep love for learning. If allowed, she would love to remain in college for life. Her passion for Chinese culture and enthusiasm of creating opportunities for minority groups are some of her reasons for serving as President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. She enjoys photography, cooking, and attending musical events.

Natalie Koon.jpg
Natalie Koon Food Science

Natalie Koon was born and raised in Hong Kong, and at age 14, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. As a food science major, she loves eating and hunting for new ethnic restaurants. Her goal is to bring happiness to the world through food innovations and plan to have her own brand of snacks in the future. She loves the color yellow and minions, and enjoys playing the piano and basketball.

Connor Lindsey Computer Science

Connor Lindsey is a computer science major from Aurora, Colorado. He enjoys using technology, design, and business to develop solutions to interesting problems, with a special interest in education, computer vision, and IoT. He has worked as a product developer at HadCAD and as a product manager at Ancestry. He currently teaches programming at American Fork High School. Next summer, he will intern as a software developer at Amazon.

Maddie Park Technology & Engineering Studies

As a Technology and Engineering Studies major and a Design Thinking minor, Maddie Park has a deep love for the innovation process. Born and raised in the Seattle area, she has a passion for using technology to create, and is particularly inspired by the work she has done with the Experience Design and Management department. In her downtime you can find her watching films, reading books, traveling, or paragliding. 

Dax Pettibone Industrial Design

Dax Pettibone is an Industrial Design major from Saratoga Springs, Utah. He loves working hands on, especially if it involves building or creating something. He enjoys woodworking, CAD modeling, drone photography and UX design. When he’s not busy designing things, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, his husky and his cat.

Samantha Prince Industrial Design

Samantha Prince is studying industrial design and minoring in business management. Originally born in New Jersey, she grew up the oldest of six siblings in Mendon, Utah. While serving a mission in Boston, Massachusetts, she discovered the industrial design program and never looked back. Samantha is passionate about design, entrepreneurship, and financial independence. She loves spending time with her family watching movies, hiking, and boarding, both long and snow.

Monika Robinson Industrial Design

M. Ruth Robinson, Utah born and raised, is studying Industrial Design with a Management minor. A seeker of truth, she studies human behavior in her free time and uses her it to inform her design process. Monika is the Lab Technician at the HFAC framing shop. She grew up on the job site learning how to roof a house when she was twelve, she loves teaching other students how to be independent on the machines.

Andrew Pulshiper.jpg
Andrew Pulsipher Computer Engineering

Andrew Pulsipher is a native of Rexburg, Idaho, double majoring in Russian and computer engineering. He loves studying and conducting research on human-computer interaction—Andrew can’t seem to stop thinking about it! He loves to travel the world and even completed an internship in Moscow, Russia two summers ago. After BYU, he plans to pursue graduate degrees in systems engineering and computer science.

Derek Shields Mechanical Engineering

Derek Shields is from Panama City, Florida and enjoys many outdoor hobbies with his wife including camping, off-roading, hiking, and snowboarding. After he graduates from the mechanical engineering program, he plans on getting a master’s degree in either robotics or business administration. He served a mission here in Provo, UT and enjoys learning new skills, solving problems, and working with electronics.

Jaxon Smith Electrical Engineering

Jaxon Smith from Byron Center, Michigan is majoring in electrical engineering. Jaxon enjoys anything outdoors or competitive and strives to push himself in all aspects of life. He chose this major with hopes to one day create a product that will elevate the way people live. Along with understanding and designing electronics, he also enjoys business and has an entrepreneur spirit.

Noah Smith Mechanical Engineering

Noah Smith comes from Granbury, TX, where he enjoyed spending time on the lake. Now, he is a Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for creating, and runs a small 3D Printing business.  As an intern for K7 Spine, he developed a new flexible implant made of nitinol, and is helping develop new surgical procedures.

Kayla Stowe Burgess Industrial Design

Kayla Stowe Burgess is from Alpine, Utah, and is studying industrial design.  She and her husband make a great design duo as he is a UX designer. Together, they run a national park merch side business called Stowe Collective. Burgess loves all things design as well as woodworking, trail mix, and the color gold. 

Alex Thompson Entrepreneurship

Alex is from Hazen, Arkansas a small farm town in the southeastern part of the state. When he is not watching a BYU football game or eating fried chicken, Alex enjoys singing to country music with friends or playing spikeball. Alex majors in entrepreneurial management and loves digital marketing and real estate. He intends to be a digital marketer in his own start-up upon graduation.

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