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Seth Anderson Chemical Engineering

Seth Anderson is from Dallas, Texas and is majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chinese. He is studying chemical engineering with a nuclear emphasis because he is passionate about the world's energy future. His dream job is to work in management for a nuclear corporation after working as an engineer for a few years and obtaining an MBA. Seth is passionate about innovation and believes that mankind has barely scratched the surface of what we are capable of. He enjoys going on hikes with his wife and puppy, listening to podcasts, running, and playing basketball and soccer.

Aaron Anthony Computer Engineering

Aaron Anthony grew up in Pleasant Grove, UT and is studying Computer Engineering, although sometimes he wishes he could major in everything. He was born in Australia to a Chinese mother and Lebanese father and later served a mission in Kobe Japan. Aaron loves problem solving and finding ways to make things more efficient. He is married to the most beautiful woman on the planet and hopes to be a good father. He rarely turns down a good ping pong game.

Jonathon Bernal Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Bernal is an entrepreneur/engineer looking to disrupt the automotive industry with his determination to play a role in the breakthroughs that are coming with the innovation of cars. Coming from Toronto, Canada he majors in Mechanical Engineering. Jonathan loves his family and uses them as the ultimate driving force to be successful in his career goals. He plays basketball and feels it is important to continuously push himself mentally, spiritually, and physically. He hopes to change the world by creating opportunities for those less fortunate serving with a life of meaning and a career of impact.

Kenzie Briscoe Industrial Design

McKenzie Briscoe grew up in Boise, Idaho, forming a great love for the outdoors through mountain biking, surfing, and skiing as well as developing a craving for the life a city can offer through local shops, concerts, farmers markets, and of course, eating at local restaurants that prepare lots of potatoes. In her free time she loves keeping up on current fashion trends and curating outfits. Material exploration and creating sustainable fabrics is something that she is interested in. She is majoring in Industrial Design with a double minor in Women’s Studies and Business, hoping to enter into the field of social design and create a better world for women and children worldwide through design and business development.

Dillon Bryan Mechanical Engineering

Dillon Bryan is a mechanical engineering major from Winnemucca, Nevada. Dillon has a very inquisitive nature and loves learning about new ideas and business opportunities. He loves to solve problems and to create and design unique products with his three brothers and childhood friend Sterling. Dillon’s goal is to continue to build a creative business relationship with them throughout his life. He also enjoys playing basketball, golfing, reading and doing puzzles.

Kenneth Christensen Computer Science

Kenneth Christensen is from Manti, Utah and is majoring in Computer Science with minors in business and Italian. Kenneth’s dream is to start innovative companies which improve people’s lives, especially the poverty-stricken. He loves technology and thinking about hard problems. Kenneth also loves languages and is fluent in Italian and English, can fake a decent Spanish, and is currently learning Nepali and German. Kenneth enjoys learning; spending time with his wonderful wife, family and friends; working on side projects and getting excited about business ideas.

Justin Chu Electrical Engineering

Justin Chu is from Laie, Hawaii and majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor Math. Justin wants to help the world become a little smaller by embracing different types of thinking, innovation, and cultures. He enjoys a wide variety of interests such as hunting for new Asian food restaurants, gaming with friends, hiking, surface mount soldering and electronic music.

Dayde Collins Manufacturing Engineering

Dayde Collins is from rural northeastern Washington and is majoring in manufacturing engineering. He is currently serving in the Utah National Guard and is part of the Army ROTC program here at BYU. Dayde enjoys trail running and CrossFit but wouldn’t mind skipping either for a pickup game of soccer, frisbee, or spikeball. In his free time, Dayde enjoys going on hikes with his wife and son and playing the piano.

Ashley Dalton Industrial Design

Ashley Dalton is originally from Philadelphia. She served a Spanish speaking mission in Anaheim, California, and has a great love for Hispanic culture. Ashley began studying industrial design with the goal of eventually designing medical products, and through her work in the program she has developed an interest in soft goods as well. She has worked for Risk Management at BYU for several years, beginning in a position with workers’ compensation and later moving to a position as lead graphic designer. Ashley is also a CPR and First Aid instructor, which has influenced her strong interest in the medical field. In her spare time Ashley enjoys reading and painting, and spending time outdoors.

Christian Daniels Physiology &
Developmental Biology

Christian Daniels is a Senior from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania studying Physiology and Developmental Biology. He loves everything about the Life Sciences and thinks that they hold the answers to many of the business world's questions. Some say that Christian and his wife, Katriel, eat Andes mints while taking walks after dinner. All we know is that he is recognized throughout campus for coining the dating advice phrase, "Don't force it, don't fight it."

Hailey Daniels Entrepreneurship

Hailey Daniels Krey is from Ogden, Utah majoring in Entreprenuerial Management. She is passionate about corporate social responsibility and social innovation. Her life motto is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you can dream it, you can do it.” She loves her husband, the color yellow, tennis, and all things that spread positivity.

Clint Frandsen Computer Engineering

Clint Frandsen grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and is majoring in Computer Engineering. He plans on pursuing a PhD in Bio-medical engineering with the goal to incorporate entrepreneurship in the medical field. His interest in the field started as a child while associating with local doctors and has led to research in muscular skeletal MRI, IPF treatment using mice, and muscle activation during kudzu. He enjoys noncompetitive running, ultimate frisbee, dancing and playing ping-pong with family and friends.

Joshua Greaves Computer Science

Joshua Greaves is a CS major from England. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and works in the Perception, Control, and Cognition Lab at BYU, where he conducts research is in deep reinforcement learning. He is currently the lead architect and project manager of Holodeck, an open-source high-fidelity simulator built for AI research. Josh has interned as a Software Engineer at Google and Amazon, where he built production-quality, scalable solutions as part of the Android Test team and AWS Network Core team.

Jenifer Griffin Industrial Design

Jenifer Griffin is an industrial design major from South Jordan, Utah. She is minoring in art, and loves longboarding, tennis, and Kristen Bell. Jeni hopes to use industrial design to solve real problems. She is driven by feeling useful to society, thus she plans to work for big companies so she can make big changes in the world.

Palmer Hatch Entrepreneurship

Palmer Hatch is an Entrepreneurial Management major from Lake Orion, Michigan. While living extensively in both Finland and México, Palmer enjoys interacting and learning about different cultures. With these experiences, he hopes to use his observational skills to find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. After graduation, he plans on earning an MBA and working abroad to further explore the world. Palmer enjoys studying philosophy, people watching, and playing tennis.

Clint Frandsen Computer Engineering

Scott Hilton is from Highland, Utah and is studying Computer Engineering. He loves learning about space exploration and the technology that enables it. He hopes to innovate new technologies that improve people's lives and enable new discoveries. He likes to dance, sing, play board games, talk about rocket science and serve others.

Andrew Hirschi Computer Science

Drew Hirschi, born and raised in Seattle Washington is a tech wizard. Since the age of five he has taken apart, built and studied the components, theories and mechanics of computers. Not surprisingly he has chosen to pursue a degree in computer science. Drew also referred to as Drewbie, loves to play Super Smash Bros with his roommates, canyoneer and ski. He aspires to one day work in the medical technology field with his father.

Benjamin Johns Advertising

Ben Johns is from Franklin, Tennessee and majoring in Advertising: Account Management with a minor in Global Business & Literacy. Ben helps run a software consulting firm and dreams of becoming an angel investor for startups and ground-breaking inventions. Ben enjoys distance running, creative advertising campaigns, and learning about growth hacking. He looks forward to the creative process and rapid scaling of innovative ideas and companies.

Taimi Kennerly Entrepreneurship

Taimi grew up in Auckland, New Zealand but moved to Orem, Utah before she could get her big break in Lord of The Rings. She enjoys solving big problems, and uses her love of deeply understanding the customer combined with her loyalty to data to uniquely humanize information. In her free time she runs a baking blog, obsesses over spreadsheet formulas and game theory, gets lost alone on the streets of South Africa (don’t tell her mom that last one) and sometimes even sleeps. Taimi studies Entrepreneurship, with a minor in Economics.

Cameron McQuinn Computer Engineering

Cameron McQuinn is a junior in the Computer Engineering program. He was born and raised in Palo Alto, California, and has been interested in technology for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he enjoyed bedtime stories about how satellites and furnaces work. As a teenager, he spend countless hours in his garage assembling circuits. After serving his mission in San Antonio, Texas, he started school at BYU. He recently married the love of his life, and is currently enjoying life as a newly-married 23 year-old.

Jacob Neeley Industrial Design

Jacob Neeley comes from a small town in Southern California and is the 4th child of seven. He is a Junior in the Industrial Design Program but has definitely been at BYU longer than three years. Jacob loves creating with his hands, learning new skills and digging into people to really understand who they are. Jacob enjoys artsy films, learning about space and has a dream of one day becoming a TED fellow.

Sabrina Prior Industrial Design

Sabrina Prior grew up in the mountains of Park City, Utah. She is a junior in the Industrial design program and loves to make things. In her spare time you can find her outside biking, painting, or binge watching planet earth. If you ever need an extra player for pick-up volleyball or basketball she's always down to play and loves sports. She loves to travel and most recently got to go to Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands this past October.

Brian Richards Mechanical Engineering

Brian Richards is from Plantation, FL, and is studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Design Thinking. He loves using innovation and creativity to solve big problems. He plans to pursue a career in the fields of robotics and human-computer interaction. In his free time, he likes to bike, read, play soccer, and spend time with friends and family.

Ian Sanderson Mechanical Engineering

Ian Sanderson is from American Fork, Utah and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Japanese. He plans on getting master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He hopes to be influential in innovating new aerospace technology while finding a way to make a difference in the world. Ian enjoys traveling with his wife, playing board games, and working with his hands.

Jacob Sheffield Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Sheffield grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Currently studying Mechanical Engineering, he is interested in biomedical engineering and integrating innovative technologies into medical applications. He is excited about bridging the gap between business strategy and engineering design. His hobbies include mountaineering, outdoor adventures, tennis, and pickleball.

Nate Vance Computer Engineering

Nate Vance hails from the great land of Idaho Falls. As a computer engineer, he’s proud of his ability to build almost anything electronic. In fact, you might be able to spot him cruising the hills of Provo on his hand-built electric longboard. Nate enjoys the great outdoors and does not discriminate between its many forms, be it rock, snow or water. In the future, Nate has plans to pursue an MBA and start his own business. Although he’s unsure if he can change the world, Nate hopes his work can touch individual lives.

Jacob Wadsworth Finance

Jacob Wadsworth grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and Orem, Utah. He is majoring in Finance with a Global Management Certificate. Jacob served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Singapore Mission speaking Mandarin Chinese, which sparked a love for international culture and business. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is eager to learn and innovate. Jacob's free time is spent hanging out with his large family of ten siblings, playing sports, pondering, achieving personal goals and entrepreneurial ventures.

Kaden Weber Computer Science

Kaden Weber is a Computer Science major who grew up in Highland, Utah. He enjoyed mountain biking in the hills behind his house when he was younger, but now he mostly writes code in basements. Kaden enjoys making connections and seeing the big picture. Not just with software - but also with people. To this end, he has also studied Arabic in Amman, Jordan as a part of the BYU study abroad program. In the future, he hopes to use his talents to connect people and help them to become better.

Stephanie Williams Entrepreneurship

Hailing from Menifee, California Stephanie Williams is double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Russian. During the world cup last summer, she interned for Russia's version of Uber helping ease the congestion of Moscow's city streets. Stephanie has an insatiable appetite for solving problems. Her end goal is to help women in underdeveloped countries become financially independent by starting their own businesses. Stephanie enjoys traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking, and just about every outdoor activity that ends 'ing'.

Franklin Yuan Electrical Engineering

Franklin Yuan grew up in Nanjing, China and is majoring in Electrical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science. Ever since his father gave him his first electronics kit on his 9th birthday, he has been fascinated with electronics, programming and innovation. Upon graduation, he plans on pursuing graduate degrees in both engineering and law. His long-term career goal is to advise tech companies and startups on their business strategies and IP portfolio. Franklin enjoys swimming, reading, politics, and volunteering.

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