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Alex Andrews Computer Science

Alex Andrews is desperately seeking to make an impact in the world. He hopes to use innovative technology to create social impact. In other words - fight poverty, curb climate change, and educate the world - using innovative technology. He enjoys creative outlets as well as helping people and has found a nice mesh of the two in studying Computer Science. His hobbies include tag, people watching, and finding cool rocks.

Tyler Bayer Civil Engineering

Tylor Bayer is from Petoskey, MI, double majoring in Civil Engineering and Chinese. He is passionate about sustainability and green technology. He has worked in China for a sourcing company dealing with a wide range of products and mechanical processes. Tylor enjoys the outdoors, rock climbing and lacrosse. He is a creative person who loves learning new skills. Tylor’s main goal for his professional life is commercializing sustainability.

Taylor Brown Mechanical Engineering

Taylor Brown grew up in Gilbert, Arizona and is studying Mechanical Engineering. He plans on pursuing an MBA/ MD degree before practicing as an orthopedic surgeon and entrepreneur. He enjoys reading, welding, outdoor recreation and spending time with family and friends.

Curtis Brown Entrepreneurship

Curtis Brown is from Scottsboro, Alabama and is studying entrepreneurship with a minor in computer science. He is interested in the business applications of artificial intelligence and in building teams capable of solving complex problems with technology. He is mostly vegan, enjoys rock climbing, and spends a lot of time thinking about how the future will look. ​

Andrew Bryce Industrial Design

Andrew Bryce is from Orem, Utah, majoring in Industrial design with a Manufacturing minor. He enjoys creating, designing, building, and solving problems, as well as in manufacturing processes. His experience started as a child with Legos and has led to artistic sketches and product prototypes in following years. He enjoys playing competitive soccer, basketball, and racquetball with family and friends. He sets and seeks to obtain goals he has made for his spirituality as well as educational pursuits.

Abram Campbell Environmental Science

Abram Campbell claims several states and a couple countries as home, having grown up in a military family. Currently studying Environmental Science with a minor in Korean, Abram plans on a career in architecture and urban design. His career goals involve improving quality of life world-wide through sustainable built environments. His hobbies include anything done with the beautiful Mrs. Campbell.

Richie Connolly Finance

Richie Connolly is from Salt Lake City, UT and is majoring in Finance. He loves spending time with his family, being on skis in the air, snow or water, hiking or on a motorcycle in the great outdoors. He anticipates entrepreneurship, innovation and learning opportunities to push beyond the borders of this country and be able to live abroad and explore this beautiful earth. He dreams one day his work will benefit the world and is looking forward to creating his own dream job.

Mark Crosson Computer Engineering

Fueled by passion, Mark is known for his lifelong love of technology and innovation which led him to major in computer engineering. For Mark, nothing is more thrilling than creating a new idea and bringing it to life… except for maybe his love of rock climbing, cycling, and slacklining. After he graduates, Mark plans to go to graduate school to pursue his interest and talent in computer security.

Joseph Davidson Computer Science

Joe is from Sandy, UT, majoring in Computer Science. He is passionate about the development of new technologies that empower people to achieve more. He spent last summer interning at a local SaaS startup, and is interested in starting his own entrepreneurial ventures. Joe enjoys skiing, dancing, learning new skills, and playing the piano and guitar.

Quinlan Draper Industrial Design

Quinlan Draper grew up in Reno, Nevada and Mapleton, Utah where he spent time in the outdoors—camping, hiking, and rock climbing. In his free time he enjoys woodworking, fly-fishing, and spending time with his family. Quinlan is majoring in industrial design.

Joey Eddington Industrial Design

Joey Eddington is an industrial design major from Mesa Arizona. He loves using non-traditional materials and methods to make beautiful and useful things. Joey hopes to use innovative design to assist in global development and to bring sustainable resources to individuals in low income areas. He is also enjoys backpacking, fashion, biology, and and art history.

Abram Campbell Genetics & Biotechnology

Zachary Estiva is from San Jose, California, majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology with a minor in Management. Since his childhood Estiva always wanted to be a doctor; however after much sales experience and working for a medical device start-up, he decided to pursue a career in the biotech industry. Upon graduation, he hopes to find his place in a biotech company. Estiva enjoys salsa dancing, listening to jazz music, and learning about new business strategies and ideas. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and is currently learning Portuguese.

Aaron Ferguson Psychology

Aaron Ferguson is from Dallas, Texas, majoring in psychology with a minor in business management. He recognized his passion for entrepreneurship after spending a summer coaching a local CEO in general business practices. After graduation, he plans to work in small business and eventually become an angel to help the next generation to realize their potential as well. Aaron enjoys rock climbing, being an ordinance worker in the Provo temple, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and family.

Benjamin Gardner Computer Engineering

Benjamin Gardner is from Milpitas, CA and is majoring in Computer Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has a budding interest in data analytics and takes inspiration from innovative thinkers who successfully revolutionized their fields using data. He works in the BYU Macroeconomics and Computational Lab, coding an open-source, dynamic model that predicts the effect of changing tax rates in the US economy. He also enjoys baseball, politics, reading, and poetry.

Austin Harrison Computer Science

Austin enjoys playing r/ticTacToe on his reimplementation of the classic game in one line of x86 ASM, and helps support gnu+linux ported to ClojureScript. He believes the natural state of a start-up is to die; and all start-ups require multiple miracles in their early days to escape this fate. He used Redis+ Memcached+ Node.js+ Go+ MongoDB+ MariaDB+ postgres to help scale his startup. He believes the best market for startups are the 3 billion people starting to come on to the internet through android in developing nations that no one is paying attention to. Austin is from Maryland and attempts to study Computer Science.

Seth Hatch Industrial Design

Seth Hatch is from Springville, Utah, majoring in Industrial Design. Seth is passionate about creativity and is fascinated by the variety of solutions discovered by re-purposing products and using items that already exist. Seth loves to build prototypes by combining forms and products in a cohesive way to physically and visually communicate how it works. Seth's hobbies include riding any type of board with wheels, playing and listening to music, and napping by the fireplace.

Aaron Havens Statistical Science

Aaron Havens is from Kaysville, Utah, majoring in statistical science with minors in mathematics and business management. At a young age Aaron discovered entrepreneurship washing windows and sanitizing neighbors’ garbage bins. He loves developing ideas and turning beneficial ideas into realities. He has recently been involved with several local startups including a statistical consulting company that he co-founded. Aaron loves to ski, rock climb, read, and listen to stories.

Jared Heywood Entrepreneurship

Jared Heywood is from Queen Creek, Arizona, majoring in entrepreneurship and minoring in chemistry. He hopes to innovate in health care, especially pediatric oncology. He is the creator of J&W Photography, has been successful in summer sales, and currently works as the assistant to the product manager of Vivint’s mobile application. Jared is enthusiastic about his future with his wife and is always looking forward to their next adventure together.

Taylor Hooker Industrial Design

Taylor Hooker is from Cedar Hills, UT and majoring in Industrial Design. He enjoys working with his hands and bringing ideas to life. He has worked in diverse fields that include carpentry, graphic design, and commercial fishing in Alaska. Taylor is a student of Life. He finds value in aesthetically pleasing products that seamlessly enhance workflow. He enjoys spending time outdoors and with his wife.

Hammad Javed Electrical Engineering

Hammad Javed is a student from Lahore, Pakistan. He is major in Electrical Engineering at BYU. BYU is a stepping stone for him to start his own food truck. He is also the president of Muslim Student Association at BYU. He really wants to introduce people the the amazing culture and history of Pakistan. He really likes to cook for people in his free time.

Matt Liddle Mechanical Engineering

Matt Liddle is from Orem, Utah, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Business Strategy and Global Business. He served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany. He loves innovation, problem solving, business strategy, and hard work. His experience includes entrepreneurship, years of teaching, teacher improvement, sales, translation, and product development. He loves sports including soccer, basketball, cross country, and triathlons. Matt is excited to make an impact in the world through innovation.

Dustin Marx Economics

Dustin Marx is from Tooele, Utah, majoring in economics with a minor in computer science. He enjoys puzzles and problems that require creative thinking. After graduation, he would like to work with startups and emerging businesses. He loves hiking, water sports, reading, and the guitar.

Margaret Melville Business Strategy

Margaret Melville is from Centerville, Ohio and majoring in Business Management: Strategy with a minor in Women's Studies. Margaret wants to live in a world filled with socially innovative businesses, equality, and endless supplies of chocolate. Her dream job is to be a global management consultant for non-profits. Margaret enjoys dancing, playing the guitar, making international cuisine, and puzzle racing.

Seth Payne Mechanical Engineering

Seth Payne grew up in Orangevale, California. He has always enjoyed being outdoors and playing any type of sport, including soccer, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee. Through his studies in Mechanical Engineering, he has learned how to build the ideas and projects that he comes up with. Some of these projects include a jewelry box, a pair of stilts, PVC rockets, and an air-conditioner. Before graduation, his goal is to start a company where he can build products that help people become more efficient in their daily lives.

Luke Robertson Mechanical Engineering

Luke Robertson is from West Jordan, Utah, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His interests range from electronics and robotics to simple (and not-so-simple) mechanical devices. He hopes to put all of these interests to work as a toy designer, which he views as a pursuit that will help both children and adults enjoy what life has to offer. He enjoys reading, playing video games, spending time with his wife, and considering new ideas and possibilities.

Claire Thomas Genetics & Biotechnology

Claire Thomas is from Salt Lake City, Utah and studies genetics and biotechnology with a bio-business emphasis. She aims to pursue an MBA and work in the pharmaceutical industry, introducing new therapeutics to the market. She is also interested in social innovation. Claire is a graphic designer and a ballroom dancer, and enjoys long walks on the mountain. She believes that "everything is awesome; everything is cool when you're part of a team."

Caleb Tonkinson Computer Science

Caleb Tonkinson, from Mahomet Illinois, is majoring in Computer science and minoring in Business Management. Caleb enjoys collaborating in and leading teams, using his communication skills to help them operate and perform better. He hopes to use these abilities to help create companies and products that solve meaningful world problems. He loves his wife, reading, finding new challenges, traveling, food, playing soccer and learning new technologies.

Samuel Webb Accounting

Sam Webb is an accounting major from Farmington, Utah. Since Sam was a child, he dreamed up, cultivated and put into practice business ideas. He has started three separate companies and has a passion for innovation and change. He feels that accounting, coupled with innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship will help him continue to succeed in the world of business. In his spare he likes playing with his two boys and spending time with his wife.

Mary Wilson Mechanical Engineering

Mary Wilson is from Bakersfield, California, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is currently researching large, origami-inspired, deployable structures and spent last summer interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory aiding in the search for life on other ‘Earth-like’ planets. She intends to pursue an MBA and a masters in either Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering after her graduation from BYU.

Nathan Wohlgemuth Computer Engineering

Nathan Wohlgemuth is from Westminster, Maryland, majoring in computer engineering with minors in mathematics and computer science. From a young age, he has been fascinated with computers' ability to solve a variety of problems. He recently interned at National Instruments where he took the lead in developing a large software application and looks forward to his upcoming internship at Microsoft. His dream is to head up large software projects that allow for greater productivity and innovation. He loves cycling, running, and hiking.

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