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Spencer Crocker Middle East Studies

Spencer Crocker is from Salt Lake City, majoring in Middle East Studies and Arabic, with a Latin American Studies minor.  Spencer plans on working in the international medical device industry before getting his MBA, and is currently a part time marketing intern at Nexus Spine LLC, a spinal implant firm in Salt Lake City.  After completing his graduate studies, Spencer would like to eventually start his own medical device company.  He enjoys snow and water skiing, tennis, and horseback riding. 

Nichole Cross Industrial Design

Nichole Cross is majoring in Industrial Design and minoring in Manufacturing. She grew up in California but most recently hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota where she designed custom inflatables for parades and military decoys. Her design work was shown at Dutch Design Week 2013. She is an advocate of the early implementation of design thinking in the business and technological exploration process.

Alex Crowley Mechanical Engineering

Alex Crowley is from Huntersville, North Carolina, and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a Music minor. He intends to pursue graduate-level studies. Alex gained practical experience in product design, including prototyping and testing, while working for a startup during summer 2013. He cut his teeth in Intellectual Property law as a legal intern for General Electric. An avid musician, he continues to perform in BYU bands. Alex is fluent in Thai and speaks conversational German. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and dreams of traveling the world.

Andrew Davis Physics

Andrew Davis is from Provo, UT, and loves using and developing new technology. He majoring in Physics, with a Management minor. He is excited to see what the world of science will bring in the years to come. He loves the opportunity that technology brings for improving people’s lives. He believes in working hard and loves the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Max DeBaltzo Computer Science

Max DeBaltzo is from Lakewood, Ohio, majoring in Computer Science. Max plans on getting a Master's in Computer Science, after which he hopes to work with startups to help develop the future of technology. He enjoys playing and developing board games, listening to audio books, and competitive programming. Max has always been interested in creation, invention, and innovation and plans to further those interests throughout his career.

Jacquelyn Francisco Family Life

Jacquelyn Francisco is from Tuba City, Arizona majoring in Family Life. Jacquelyn plans on going to law school where she will focus in Family Law and Tribal Policy. One of Jacquelyn's favorite book is The Kobayashi Maru, which taught her that you can be successful even when the odds are against you. Jacquelyn hopes to one day make a difference on Native American Reservations by operating an organization that teaches agriculture, nutrition and cooking skills to the Native community.

Shaun Goh Undeclared

Shaun Goh is from Singapore, with no declared major. Shaun maintains a personal investment portfolio of gas-retail business and real estate, which revenues $3 million annually. He also has a clear-water scuba diving, armored tank and boating license. He volunteers weekly as a Cardiac Care Unit Runner with Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and is a program director for BYU’s Court Appointed Service Advocates (CASA) Chapter. Shaun plans on growing his personal investments, and hopes to expand it through organic growth and acquisitions to cash flow $250 thousand annually by graduation. He is also currently interning at University Venture Fund, the largest student-run venture capital fund in the United States, and has done due diligence and market sizing services for both social-impact and tech startups.

Jeff Handy Entrepreneurship

Jeff Handy is from Sandy, Utah, majoring in Business Management – Entrepreneurship emphasis.  Jeff plans on becoming an innovation consultant and successful entrepreneur before earning an MBA.  He aspires to teach principles of successful entrepreneurship and strategy.  Other interests include flying single engine planes, river guiding on the Colorado River, and creating non-profit organizations.  He is currently a co-founder of Tips Shoelace Company.

Brady Hunt Biophysics

Brady Hunt is from Sandy, Utah, majoring in Biophysics, with a double-minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. Brady plans to pursue a joint MD/PhD degree at a top tier university before starting a career developing new medical technologies. During his undergraduate education, he has worked as a product development engineer at Nu Skin Enterprises on a cutting-edge biotechnology, the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Also, he recently completed a study abroad at the Center for Free Electron Laser Science in Germany, where he investigated flow alignment of protein crystals during serial femtosecond crystallography. Brady, a former football walk-on at BYU, and his wife Bailee, a former BYU Cougarette, enjoy outdoor activities, sporting events, and spending time with family.

James Jackson Mechanical Engineering

James Jackson is from Centerville, Utah, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a Computer Science minor.  He plans on getting a master's degree in engineering and eventually an MBA.  He loves to build robots, work on cars, exercise and play piano.  James helped start a construction company in Ghana, West Africa with an old mission companion last year and hopes to one day help hundreds of people in that country with his business there.  Most importantly, James has a strong testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel, and loves to share this with the people he meets.

Jacob Mitchell Physiology &
Developmental Biology

Jacob Mitchell is from Florence, Oregon, majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology.  Jacob plans on attending medical school and going into a career in pediatric orthopedic surgery.  He enjoys watching and playing sports, woodworking, being outdoors, and spending time with his family.  Jacob is an advocate of the Socratic method of thinking and tends to question everything.   

Ryan Newell Middle Eastern Studies

Ryan Newell is from Mapleton, Utah, majoring in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. After graduating, Ryan plans on going on to get a Masters Degree in International Affairs or Public Administration. Ryan sees a huge need for greater intercultural understanding in the world and hopes to help fill this need. Ryan's extensive work experience with small businesses has given him a unique perspective on the importance of entrepreneurship as well as the challenges associated with running a business. The diverse skills and experiences Ryan has will be a valuable asset to the fellowship.

Robert Pottorff Computer Science

Robert Pottorff is a Computer Science Major with a minor in Business Strategy and a deep affection for statistics. He has worked in web development, design, strategic business planning, and analytics with an opportunity most recently to do some research in education. “I think happiness in entrepreneurship comes from something more than just innovation, it comes from improving.” He is excited about the opportunity to hone, and apply his skills in new ways, and learn from the other incredible students as one of this year's Crocker Fellows.

Brad Prince Physiology

Brad Prince is from Alberta, Canada, majoring in Physiology. Brad plans on finishing his degree at BYU, after which he will pursue an MD. In his spare time he considers himself a “maker” and enjoys designing objects on his 3D printer to aid in his side projects. His insatiable curiosity and passion to help people drives Brad to seek knowledge in many disciplines. He hopes this will help him facilitate the development of paradigm-shifting technologies in health care.

Dallin Shaner Business Strategy

Dallin Shaner grew up as an expat in Tokyo, Japan and Vienna, Austria, and is majoring in business strategy with minors in Japanese and political science. Dallin is passionate about using business and technology to revolutionize education in the 21st Century. He loves singing, dancing, writing music, studying languages, and talking to strangers.

Brian Sheahan Mechanical Engineering

Brian Sheahan is from Hamilton, MT and is double majoring in mechanical engineering and economics with a minor in mathematics.  Recently he served a 2 year LDS mission to the southern tip of Chile.  He is passionate about playing all types of sports and is especially involved in rugby and soccer.  Being from Montana, Brian is no stranger to the outdoors and loves snowboarding, mountain biking, hunting, and fishing.  Brian wants to have a future as a family and business man.

Carter Smith Business Strategy

Carter Smith is from Spokane, Washington planning on majoring in business strategy.  After graduation he plans to work in commercial real estate and product development before doing an MBA.  Carter loves anything and everything about business and entrepreneurship.  He has started companies involving importing and exporting, transportation, product development, and Christmas light installation that have supported him through college.  He is currently starting an advertising company, and loves to play all kinds of instruments.

Ryan Smith Global Supply Chain

Ryan Smith is a Global Supply Chain major from Sandy, Utah. Ryan has work experience as a supply chain manager for three multi-million dollar startups, and currently owns and operates an off-campus student housing recycling business called Recyclops. He speaks four languages (English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish) and is passionate about interacting with foreign cultures. In the future, Ryan plans to start an online English teaching business in Russia. For fun, Ryan enjoys playing pickup basketball and rock climbing.

Derek Stewart Electrical Engineering

Derek Stewart is from Eagle, Idaho, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in business management.  He plans on working as an engineer for an innovative company before earning an MBA.  He is passionate about innovation and hopes to someday create products that will change everyday life.  He also enjoys playing tennis, volleyball, dirt-biking, skiing, and spending time outdoors in the Rocky Mountains.  

Shane Wolcott Physiology &
Developmental Biology

Shane Wolcott is from Ojai, CA majoring in physiology and developmental biology. He plans on pursuing a career in biotechnology. He enjoys power lifting, surfing, and classic American muscle cars. He is inspired by literary classics and aspires to create something in his own way that will be similarly remembered.

Wontak Kim Biophysics

Wontak is from South Korea majoring in Biophysics with minors in Spanish and Physics. He plans to pursue a PhD in cancer biology and start his career in the pharmaceutical industry. He is particularly interested in small molecular drug development through structural and computational approaches. Currently, he is involved in various research projects under Dr. David Bearss and Dr. Marc Hansen - both experts in anti-cancer drug development and influential mentors that changed his life. He enjoys cycling, photography, reading, and anything that makes a genuine difference.

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