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Austin Hamner Economics

Austin Hamner is from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring in Economics, with a Business Strategy minor. Austin plans on going to business school and then going on to work in management strategy consulting, especially either the healthcare or finance areas. He enjoys outdoor sports, exercise, and nutrition. He also loves cross-country and soccer, but neither as much as his wife, Grace. Austin loves reading, and especially entrepreneurial business, strategic management, and personal improvement books.

Mason Wooley Electrical Engineering

Mason Wooley is from Portland, Oregon majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a Computer Science minor. Mason started a design consultancy firm named PART (Productive Art), which works on projects from national parks to backyards. He enjoys making films, animating, and graphic design. He also loves fine cuisine and great music. Mason plans on continuing working in his firm PART, and hopes to transform it into a design consultancy firm focused on helping civic and social startups.

Braden Hancock Mechanical Engineering

Braden Hancock is from Dayton, Ohio, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in design optimization. Braden plans on attending a top tier PhD program in mechanical engineering before starting a career developing new technologies to license to venture capitalists. He recently completed a study abroad examining product development in a global economy. Braden also holds a pending US Patent for a novel turbine engine design technique from his time as an intern at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Matthew Henningson Finance

Matthew Henningson is from Gilbert, Arizona majoring in Business Finance, with a Chemistry minor. From his early years, he has found his strength in taking ideas and making them reality through his abilities to network and coordinate resources. Passionate about snowboarding and cycling, he enjoys being on the mountain and in the streets. Matthew is committed to Guy Kawasaki’s idea that great businesses seek to make meaning not money.

Bryan Whiting Statistical Science

Bryan Whiting is from Connecticut majoring in Statistical Science. Bryan plans on pursuing a master’s in statistics. He enjoys coaching lacrosse, composing music, and snowboarding. He is most interested in how small businesses progress and develop into major corporations.

Murphy Randle Animation

Murphy Randle is from Provo, Utah, majoring in Animation. Murphy plans on getting a Master’s in Computer Science before becoming a consultant and independent app developer. He enjoys programming systems to simplify common problems. He also loves to run and cycle, and he is inspired by great thinkers such as Disney, Matsumoto, Kahn, and Torvalds.

Chad Sloan Exercise Science

Chad S. Sloan is from Lehi, Utah, majoring in Exercise Science, with a Business Strategy minor. Leveraging both his strategic thinking and biomedical experiences, Chad plans to pursue a consulting career providing new technologies to improve efficiency in the healthcare industry, and eventually wants to start his own innovative biotech firm. Chad loves skateboarding, camping, playing piano, guitar, and singing. He has lived his life colorblind and left-handed. He has published work in the field of viral auto-immunity and has also conducted research in small company valuation methodologies.

Pavel Yurevich Mechanical Engineering

Pavel Yurevich is from Minsk, Belarus majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a Mathematics minor. Pavel has a strong background in Finite Element Analysis, but his main interest lies in product design and development. He enjoys music, and has an especial interest in cinematic and theatrical production design. He would love to use his engineering skills in combination with up-and-coming technologies to streamline product development and help people get from an innovative idea to a marketable product in the most efficient way possible.

Charles Wood Manufacturing Engineering

Charles Wood is from Flagstaff, Arizona majoring in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Charles plans on starting his own design firm to bring innovative solutions and designs to people in poverty. He enjoys letterpress and screen printing. He also loves using his engineering and machining skills to take a project from conception to completion. Charles is highly interested in designing products for people in poverty, which is just what he did this past summer in Peru.

Phillip Beard Business Strategy

Phillip Beard is from Vienna, Virginia majoring in Business Strategy, and has a finance and government consulting background. Phillip plans on one day starting a school for underprivileged children. He enjoys finding ways to finance innovation. He also loves reading and horseback riding. Phillip has sailed through the Bahamas, helping maintain the last Bahamian Schooner, and cleaned the Korean War and the World War I memorials in Washington DC for his eagle project.

Dan Nelson Mechanical Engineering

Dan Nelson is from Keizer, Oregon majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a Business Strategy minor. Dan plans on a career with a Design Consultancy firm focused on emerging markets and new product design, where  he can pursue his interests in wireless technology in consumer products. He enjoys problem solving, which emerged at a FIRST LEGO robotics league when he was twelve. He also loves running, wakeboarding, and rock climbing. Dan can ride a unicycle, swim an entire lap of an Olympic pool underwater in one breath, and make bomb grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sean Brown Mechanical Engineering

Sean Brown is from Maple Grove, Minnesota majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Sean plans on pursuing a JD/MBA and a two-year, leadership, rotational development program with Eaton, a Cleveland based power-management company that he has interned at for the past several summers. He enjoys working at Eaton, and also enjoys golfing and application programming. In his spare time, he has been programming several games he developed while serving his mission in the South Pacific.

Ethan Grabau Mechanical Engineering

Ethan Grabau is from Houston, Texas majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Ethan plans on getting concurrent master’s degrees from BYU—MBA and MS in Engineering—before beginning a career in product development for developing nations to create social innovation. He enjoys rock climbing, camping, and other sports. Thanks to his involvement in Invisible Children and his mission to Sierra Leone, West Africa, Ethan has a deep passion to help the developing world, particularly Africa. Ethan also acted at Comedy Sportz his freshman year.

Travis Hancock Business Strategy

Travis Hancock is from Dayton, Ohio, majoring in Business Strategy, with a Media Arts (film) minor. Travis plans on working for a top advertising agency before getting an MBA, after which he hopes to work as a Marketing Strategist. He enjoys singing, performing, and acting in Murder Mysteries. He likes to think that he is a creative mind with a business skill-set. Travis works at the BYU AdLab, and operates a monetized YouTube channel.

James Oakes Communication Studies

James Oakes is from San Diego, California majoring in Communication Studies, with a Psychology minor. James recently finished a summer in Mexico City teaching basic business principles to aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks to this experience, he has developed an intense desire to use business and innovation to alleviate poverty in the developing world. He is also fascinated by what creates lasting change and influence in people’s lives, communities, and organizations. James also enjoys extreme sports of all kinds. 

Tyler Mayberry Chemical Engineering

Tyler Mayberry is from Orem, Utah, majoring in Chemical Engineering. Tyler plans on having a career in the health and biomedical industry. He enjoys reading a good book when he can. He also loves sports such as tennis, volleyball, and rock climbing; and he loves photography and traveling. Tyler is a certified phlebotomist and IV technician.

Jane Thomas Information Systems

Jane Thomas is from Salt Lake City, Utah majoring in Information Systems. Jane plans on working for a few years after graduation before returning for an MBA, after which she plans on starting organizations in micro-finance and micro-enterprise. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and trail running. She also loves public speaking, and nothing makes her heart race like hearing a great orator. She sees the internet as a powerful medium for teaching business concepts and technical skills to as many people as have a desire to learn.

Wade Anderson Computer Science

Wade Anderson is from South Jordan, Utah majoring in Computer Science, with a Business Management minor. Wade has an emerging strategy for the future, but he’s been sure ever since he could pronounce the word that he wants to be an entrepreneur. He enjoys reading management and technology books. He also loves innovation and learning, and loves thinking up consumer pains and possible solutions. Wade loves entrepreneurship, and even paid for part of his LDS mission by starting a small business cleaning neighbors’ window wells.

Lauri Ahola Business Strategy

Lauri Ahola is from Finland majoring in Business Strategy, with a Philosophy minor. Lauri plans on working with startups or even starting his own. He enjoys teaching and education, believing that the minds of men are one of our greatest untapped assets. He also loves to skydive, and hopes to be able to complete an ironman some day. Lauri’s passion is learning to see problems in a new light and then creating new ways to solve those problems more efficiently.

Xavi Kin Meng Sio Information Systems

Xavi Kin Meng Sio is from Macau, China, majoring in Information Systems, with a Computer Science minor. Xavi plans on getting a Master’s in Information Systems before beginning a career as an IT Consultant. He enjoys programming and taking on large projects. He also loves to play basketball, and hopes to pioneer the future of mankind through technology and business.

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