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Adam Rogers Computer Science

I am a Computer Science student with an emphasis in Bioinformatics. I am fascinated with the interface of business and technology and I have participated in several technology start-ups, including a current web programming business I started with a couple friends. My real passion is for biomedical technology, especially brain imaging and computational neuroscience, and I intend to pursue a career on both the business and technology sides of that path.

Kendall Thacker Mechanical Engineering

Grew up in Centerville, Utah building go-carts out of lawn mowers and bridges out toothpicks.  Currently a mechanical engineering student who enjoys creating 3-D computer models for different applications.  Also enjoys cinematography as a hobby where he has produced several short films.

Anna Hawes Chemical Engineering

Anna Katz Hawes is a chemical engineering major with a minor in molecular biology. She loves using engineering problem-solving techniques to analyze human physiology. Her dream career would be finding innovative solutions for psychiatric disorders.

Kevin Lindquist Recreation Management

Kevin has a passion for cutting-edge e-commerce, mobile commerce, and internet business. He has worked with ground breaking SAAS products out of both Silicon Valley and Utah, along with providing consulting as an intern developing innovative customer acquisition strategies for multiple organizations. With a degree in business management and accounting from Dixie State College, Kevin is continuing his undergraduate education at the Marriott School of Business as a recreation management major and a non-profit management minor while working as a research assistant for "Nail It Then Scale It" author Nathan Furr. (Find me on LinkedIn)

Ben Nielsen Bioinformatics

As a young boy, Ben Nielsen developed a knack for innovation by finding new ways to earn money throughout the neighborhood. His current interests include outdoor activities and sports, trying new and exotic foods, and going on road trips with his family. As a Bioinformatics major, Ben is currently involved in studying the influenza virus with BYU faculty.

Khanh Le Global Supply Chain

Khanh Le is a junior from Vietnam; he is majoring in Global Supply Chain Management. Khanh loves logistics, and he is interested in understanding how products can be effectively transported among different locations. Khanh decides to  learn Supply Chain Management with the hope to help third-world-country farmers introduce their agricultural products to the international market in a sustainable way.

Brett Rowberry Mechanical Engineering

I am studying mechanical engineering and love all things mechanical.  The problems I find most interesting are those relating to helping people behave well through good design (think public restroom design). I love outdoor activities, history, and languages.

Kurt Workman Chemical Engineering

My name is Kurt Workman. I am studying Chemical Engineering. I am interested in the use of alternative/renewable energy resources as fuels for powering vehicles. I am also very interested in entrepreneurship.  

Daniel Falabella Business Strategy

As a young teenager, I was offered $15 by my dad with the condition to double it in a month. Since then, I have started three different companies in Latin America and have developed an interest in finding valuable opportunities, overcoming business inefficiencies, and helping third-world countries. This interest has led me to study Business Management with a Strategy emphasis.

Michael Nielsen Business Strategy

I am student attending BYU's Marriott School of Business, emphasizing in Strategy. I have a passion for finding pains in everyday situations and creating innovative solutions to mitigate those pains, specifically exploring technological solutions. My philosophy for success is to: follow passion, network or die, give back for gratitude,
and change the world.

Daniel Marsh Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Marsh is student of both mechanical engineering and business graduating in April 2013.  Entrepreneurship comes of great interest to him because of its unique way to establish an individual's future towards benefiting ones self, ones family, and society as a whole.  Daniel loves working in teams and cooperating to accomplish things impossible for the individual.  He believes anything is possible when done with humility, honesty, and faith in God.

Paul Ballieu Biophysics

I am a medical student from France studying Biophysics here at BYU. After I complete my degree here, I intend to complete medical school here in the United States. I am particularly interested in medical research; I look forward to contributing to modern medicine by finding innovative methods, practices, and perhaps equipment to improve the way doctors can help patients.

Jacob Colvin European Studies

I am a European Studies student with an emphasis in Eastern Europe and International Health. 
My minor in Chemistry focuses my studies on innovation through cancer research and drug development.  
I aim to discover, develop, and disseminate new cancer drugs and therapies, particularly from marine sources. 

Salvael Estrada Business

A professional world percussionist, a graphic designer, and a corporate strategy student, Salvael brings a balance between creativity and structured business thinking to the program. His experience ranges from running small design and tech start-ups in his native Mexico to working for companies like Monitor Group, UnitedHealth Group Innovation, Intel, and Fundacion Paraguaya. Passionate about entrepreneurship in emerging markets, Salvael's goal is to bring a real political and economic change to these countries through the application of innovation practices and principles.

Jason Dearden Mechanical Engineering

I'm a Senior in Mechanical Engineering here at BYU. My interests include the development of humanitarian design and alternative energies. I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and mountain biking in my free time.

Sam Wood Graphic Design

A junior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in both Business and Scandinavian Studies, Sam believes that simple and intuitive design are marks of any truly successful innovation. Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Sam enjoys spending his free time with friends and family. Sam looks forward to the semesters ahead, and is very grateful for this opportunity.

Jason Zippro Italian

I am an Italian major, with minors in creative writing and editing. I am highly interested in dynamic file sharing and annotations getting your personal library and notebooks to talk to each other to help you study and learn; and I want to change the way society takes care of the poor, disabled, and needy by giving them the technology to help themselves. I am a husband, a poet, and an entrepreneur. 

Steven Branham Electrical Engineering

As an Electrical Engineering major I enjoy surrounding myself with new innovations and technology. I'm intrigued by our ability to connect with scholars, politicians, professionals and friends worldwide to solve common problems. I plan to join the front lines of innovators and entrepreneurs who have set out to solve these problems. To supplement my passion for innovation, I also find fulfillment in music, design and business. I love rock climbing and snowboarding in addition to mainstream sports. My wide range of talents and interests has me constantly looking to improve the world around me.

Joshua Lloyd Molecular Biology

Joshua Lloyd is a Junior majoring in Molecular Biology and minoring in Business. His passion is finding ways to help fight infectious disease through an a collaborative interdisciplinary approach using the sciences and technology. He is acquainted with some of the inefficiencies of the health care system and hopes to save lives by making positive changes therein.

Wyatt Felt Mechanical Engineering

Wyatt has always dreamed of being an inventor. He carries an index card and pen in his pocket to write down the ideas he has and his journals are full of sketches and questions.  A Mechanical Engineering major with broad interests, most of his ideas relate to the robotic, automotive and energy industries. 
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