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Garrett Anderson Industrial Design

Garrett Anderson grew up in northern Virginia. He loved sketching as a child, and after returning home from his mission in Argentina, he looked to industrial design as a practical application for his passion. Now immersed in the program, he loves creating, CAD modeling, and innovating. He also enjoys swimming and playing board games.

Benjamin Ballard Entrepreneurship

Growing up on a ranch in Wells, Nevada, taught Ben to embrace challenges and led him to study entrepreneurial management. After completing an apprenticeship at Restaurante Pap'Açôrda in Portugal, he started consulting as a private chef. Besides cooking, his interests include branding, communications, and product management.

Tucker Bateman Microbiology

As a young boy growing up on a dairy farm in Mosida, Utah, Tucker Bateman always loved science. After serving a mission in the Philippines, Tucker chose to pursue a degree in microbiology. He hopes to apply apply principles of science and the free market to improve others' lives as he pursues a career in investing and entrepreneurship.

Spencer Brown Finance

Spencer Brown, born and raised in the Dallas, Texas, area, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He loves to push beyond the ordinary in whatever he does. He craves challenges and seeks opportunities to improve and help others. Spencer plans to graduate from BYU with a degree in finance.

Joshua Cook-Wright Mechanical Engineering

Joshua is a mechanical engineering student from the San Francisco Bay area, exploring his passion for product design and aerospace engineering. Josh heads a student-led research team that investigates hybrid rocket propulsion. He enjoys designing solutions to problems and hopes to blend his engineering knowledge with entrepreneurship.

Nik Eckman Entrepreneurship

Nik Eckman was raised in a Russian orphanage and a farm in rural Idaho. After serving a Spanish-speaking mission in Denver, Nik started a watch company and a nonprofit called NeverStray. Currently a junior in BYU's entrepreneurial management program, Nik plans start several businesses that will improve the healthcare industry.

Baylee El-Bakri Entrepreneurship

From Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Baylee El-Bakri is an entrepreneurial management major with minors in information systems and nonprofit management. From planning large fundraising events to volunteering locally, she strives to better her community through innovation. Baylee loves traveling and exploring other cultures as often as she can.

2302-09 Faber , Nike 09.jpg
Nike Faber Jacobsen Industrial Design

Nike Faber Jacobsen grew up in Provo, Utah, and is studying industrial design. She enjoys working as a graphic designer and shop TA as well as creating toys on her 3D printer for the kids in her apartment complex. In her future career, she hopes to positively impact the lives of others through design research and implementation.

Noah Francom Mechanical Engineering

Noah Francom, a mechanical engineering major from Mansfield, Texas, works as a research assistant with the Neuromechanics Research Group at BYU, He hopes to apply his engineering skills to make an impact in the medical device industry. Noah enjoys playing sports (especially golf) and reading..

2302-09 Frost, Emma 14.JPG
Emma Frost Electrical Engineering

Emma Frost was raised in Texas and is studying electrical engineering. She hopes to use her technical skills to innovate and start businesses of her own. Emma enjoys baking, gymnastics, traveling, and spending time with her fiance, Crocker Fellow Jeremy Read.

Bennett Graff Industrial Design

Bennett Graff is from Sutton, Massachusetts, studying industrial design with a minor in design thinking. He spent three years doing experience design at Generus,a social impact tech start-up. Bennett enjoys biomorphic design and draws inspiration from nature. His astronaut paintings have been featured in various museums.

Andrew Graviet Information Systems

Andrew Graviet is from Nampa, Idaho, and studies information systems. Andrew has a passion for development, spanning from websites to iOS applications. Andrew loves being able to solve problems alongside the highly-talented and multi-disciplinary team members within the Crocker Innovation Fellowship program.

Anthony Harley Electrical Engineering

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Anthony Harley is following his childhood dream of studying electrical engineering. Anthony's entrepreneurial ventures began in fourth grade, when he sold sodas at lunchtime and shoes through an online flipping business. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing basketball, guitar, and piano.

Allan Howe Computer Engineering

Allan is a computer engineering student from Falls Church, Virginia. He has always been fascinated with how things work, especially electronics. His interest in financial independence and helping others has led him to driven him to the entrepreneurship. Now he can combine his passion for electronics and entrepreneurship as a Crocker Fellow.

Rasa Ichimori Entrepreneurship

Rasa Ichimori was born and raised in Japan and is majoring in entrepreneurial management. When he's not pursuing business endeavors, Rasa enjoys refining his programming skills, jumping into new projects, and creating music, games, and apps.

Aaron Jarrett Entrepreneurship

From Highland, Utah, and majoring in entrepreneurial management, Aaron Jarrett loves bringing ideas to life. Although he’s designed and built an American Ninja Warrior course and multiple custom campervans, and an app called Learned Local, Aaron is most proud of his marriage to his wife, Marissa.

Wyatt Johnson Mechanical Engineering

Wyatt Johnson is studying mechanical engineering with a minor in business strategy. He loves baseball and exploring new things in the great outdoors. Wyatt is excited to become a father in March. Interested in the multi-disciplinary processes of product development, Wyatt is a systems engineering intern at Northrop Grumman.

Dallin Lee Industrial Design

Dallin Lee is from Allen, Texas, and is majoring in industrial design with a minor in design thinking. He has practiced fine art for several years and has worked as a graphic designer for the last four years. This broad range of creative experience has fueled his passion for enhancing people's lives through good design.

Hunter Lindsay Molecular Biology

From Greenwood Village, Colorado, Hunter Lindsay is majoring in molecular biology. Inspired by his parents, who planted a desire in him to improve the human condition, Hunter is researching autoimmune diseases and cancer and is launching a technology venture. He loves skiing, hiking, canyoneering, and white-water rafting.

Joshua McConaghie Mechanical Engineering

Joshua is from Mesa, Arizona, and is a mechanical engineering major. Nothing gets him more excited than new technologies that change the world. As a result, he hopes to pursue a career in product design within the technology sector. Josh loves working with basic electronics, 3D-printing, and playing the cello and guitar.

Colin McLaren Industrial Design

Colin was raised in Italy, England, Belgium, and Germany. Watching air force jets from his elementary school playground spurred his interest in aerospace and engineering. Colin has interned for CA Engineering and Albany Engineered Composites, and this summer he will intern at Boeing. He enjoys both the manufacturing and business side of product development.

Jeremy Read Electrical Engineering

From Indianapolis, Indiana, Jeremy Read is majoring in electrical engineering. As a research assistant, Jeremy helps analyze the effects of nuclear radiation on circuit boards. His joy for making ideas come to life has guided him into the Crocker Innovation Fellowship. He is currently engaged to Crocker Fellow Emma Frost.

Kevin Richins Electrical Engineering

As a kid, Kevin dreamed of changing the world for the better and relentlessly sought to understand how things work. He bought his first 3D printer when he was thirteen and kept modifying until he decided to design his own completely from scratch. Kevin does everything he can to hang onto his childhood creativity and imagination.

Abby Ross Industrial Design

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Abby Ross is an industrial design major who hopes to use design to create positive impact. Abby's research has taken her to India, where she worked on a design project to help impoverished women. She enjoys snowboarding, playing the harp, and traveling.

Joshua Santos Electrical Engineering

Fueled by creativity and always thirsty for a challenge, Joshua Santos is an electrical engineering student with the drive to learn anything. He started his own art business website and continues to his passion for skateboarding, jiu jitsu, and other sports, Joshua shows that if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Truman Spring Mechanical Engineering

Truman Spring, from Laie, Hawaii, is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in global and community impact. Since his mission in Armenia, Truman has been passionate about using entrepreneurship and technological innovation to improve the lives of marginalized people. He loves being outdoors, learning new things, and collaborating.

Jake Trenholm Entrepreneurship

A native of Colorado, Jake is studying entrepreneurial management. Jake's mission in Africa furthered his interest in helping communities value education, sustainability, safety, and health care. He loves exploring how technology can make people’s lives easier. Jake enjoys spending time in the mountains or boating.

Braden Wagstaff Computer Engineering

A computer engineering major from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Braden Wagstaff grew up building and breaking everything from 3D printers to welding projects and drones. He currently works at a startup company, developing navigation technology for drones. He enjoys traveling with his wife, reading, and performing in local improv shows.

2302-09 Wiltbank, Julie 07.JPG
Julie Wiltbank Computer Engineering

Originally from Arizona, Julie Wiltbank is studying computer engineering and Spanish. She enjoys introducing engineering to middle schoolers through social outreach, and she researches cleanroom grade spectrometers. Julie plans to earn a master's degree in computer engineering, focusing on machine learning or programming for embedded systems.

Jacob Zundel Entrepreneurship

Jacob Zundel is from Provo, Utah, and is studying entrepreneurial management. Jacob enjoys working with nonprofits that aim to solve social problems through business. Jacob's favorite outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, and skiing. He is always exploring new interests, such as real estate, video editing, coding, and physics.

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