During the final semester (Fall Semester), Crocker Fellows will present what they have gained from their internship experience, in light of the first semester's instruction. Example topics include how to build a team, how to measure processing for a new venture, and how to license a technology. One of the most powerful learning experiences occurs when students reflect on the lessons learned during their real-world experiences and teach those lessons to their peers. The Fellowship certainly provides this learning opportunity to all of its members. 

Using the previous course work and lectures, fellows will also start an ongoing effort to develop an innovative product or solution. Each team will be required to show demonstrable traction in the marketplace and how their solution is innovative. Funding is available for the development of the project, which may be deigned for a firm, lab, or new venture.

The Crocker Innovation Fellowship Program at Brigham Young University is a year-long, interdisciplinary innovation experience.  Students learn the tools of innovation and practice them under the mentorship of experience faculty.  Crocker Fellows receive a fellowship stipend and innovation teams receive funding to support the development and testing of their innovations. The program is made possible by the generous financial support of Gary and Ann Crocker.

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